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RedNeck Nascar Racing
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Welcome To Red Neck Nascar Racing League

This is a Sim Racing League for Nascar 14 for Playstation 3.

All Races will take place on Sunday nights.

All race invites will be sent out at 8:15 pm est.

There is No Practice Just Qualifing and Race at 8:30 pm est.


To race in this League you must register on this site and add mjjm1788 on PSN.

Hope to Have a Fun and Exciting Season


Up and coming race info

Dover 80 - Half way Point lap 41  - Last caution lap 76 - Last winner Akin-4Racin

          Pole time 21.68 --- Fastest lap 21.79

Pocono 32 - Half way point lap 16  - Last caution lap  28 - Last winner US-Army-Soucy

Pole Time 49.91   Fastest Lap 49.45

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